Cemal Erdoğan arrested

Esentepe Mayor Cemal Erdoğan had a traffic accident at noon today.

The silobas (concrete truck), which was pulled by Cengiz Menekşe due to the slip of the hammer towed by TNS 120, crossed into the opposite lane by pulling from the tractor and hit the vehicle with an NR 330 plate under the direction of Esentepe Mayor Cemal Erdoğan.

After the accident, Cengiz Menekşe went car to ask for health status of Cemal Erdogan then argued and swearing at him to and beaten.

It was learned that Cengiz Menekşe was beaten and she had vision loss and swelling on her head. Cengiz Menekşe took to the Gazimağusa State Hospital.

Police detained Cemal Erdoğan and M.A. on A improper conduct and serious assault.

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