Maintenance is a full-service residential property management team that provides homeowner associations and individual homeowners with quality and cost-effective maintenance and renovation services. We have a full-time maintenance division to serve our clients. The team includes Professional gardeners, electricians, plumbers, painters, house keepers, project managers, and a division manager. We have also established a network of quality contractors to ensure that our clients receive quality services at a reasonable price.

Our maintenance services include responding to all types of maintenance and repair requests, obtaining bids for major repair and maintenance, conducting follow-ups and inspections, scheduling and processing warranty work, performing scheduled property inspections, and maintaining the common areas.

Every homeowner’s association has requirements and regulations that are unique. We are experts at reporting to homeowner’s associations and performing repairs, maintenance, and renovations according to their regulations.
To ensure that homeowners comply with their community regulations, we conduct routine inspections of communities. In addition, periodic inspections will be conducted on your entire community to check for needed repairs or maintenance.

Residents of your community can reach the maintenance team anytime 24/7/365. Emergency requests are those happening outside regular business requests. Non-emergency requests are scheduled during business hours to save you money. Whether the issue is for plumbing, electrical, appliances or any other maintenance need, provides you with peace of mind knowing that your property or home is being maintained.