6 things to know before

Six thing to consider when renting property in North Cyprus

The best rental properties tend to move off the market very quickly. So as well as finding reputable best to be prepared before you start looking. Here are six things to consider when you rent:

  1. Location – when you choose a location, make sure it has the transport links you need and local amenities such as market, schools etc. that you might require.
  2. Type of property decide in advance what kind of property you looking for? For example you need parking or outdoor space.
  3. Budget work out your budget carefully. You will need to take into account any up-front fees and the deposit payable when you sign the Tenancy Agreement.
  4. References before signing the Tenancy Agreement, we will require references for you from your employer and current landlord. It is helpful to have these ready in advance so it does not delay your move.
  5. Tenancy Agreement you will need to sign a Tenancy Agreement. This is usually standard but it may be possible to include specific terms agreed between you and the landlord.
  6. Moving in after the tenancy agreement is signed and the deposit and rent paid, you will be given the keys and can move in. An inventory is normally undertaken by the landlord at this stage, known as a ‘check in’. A ‘check out’ is conducted at the end of a tenancy to ensure the property is not damaged and teh deposit can be handed back.

During your Tenancy

Depending on your tenancy, whether it is on a let only or let & managed basis, you will deal directly with the landlord or with us. If your property is let only, you pay rent directly to the landlord and contact them if you have any issues during your tenancy. With managed Esentepe.com, you will pay rent to Esentepe.com and we are your first point of contact for all maintenance and repair issues etc.

What should you do now?

The first step is to register with us by calling us or visiting one of our offices. When you register, we will find out from you what sort of property you are looking for and what your budget is. We will then arrange for you to view any suitable properties.

If you find a property that you want to rent, you can instruct us to put an offer in to the landlord. Once your offer is accepted, we will take the property off the market and finalise the Tenancy Agreement. We will be the point of contact between you and the landlord, making the process as easy for you as possible